Cycling Giant Rent performs the rental of the equipment (or the equipment that substitutes the original one if it is the case) subjected to the established terms and condicions in this contract, and that you accept and assure that you will fulfill. It is our purpose that all the terms are included here. Please read it carefully and if you do not understand or do not agree with any of the points, let us know before accepting it.
With his signature it is confirmed that the client has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the rental without any exception.

  1. Contractual relationship. Cycling Giant Rent performs the concession for the bicycle rental and is the contracting company of the service.
  2. Products delivery. The client receives the products clean and in perfect conditions of use. Any complain about the condition of the bike must be formalized during the delivery.
  3. Product return. The renter has the obligation of returning the rented products at the hour and place previously agreed, and always during the opening hours of the contracting company, unless another hour has been agreed. The products will be returned witht he same conditions of use as they were delivered. The loss of components and accessories, as well as the damages produced by a misusage of the products must be communicated at the returning moment, and will be billed to the client. In order to quickly formalize the recharge, it’ll be used a scale that you can consult at the delivery moment, if you must. If the products require to be cleaned at the returning moment, 15 € from the deposit will be charged.
  4. Rental agreement extension. The extension of the rental agreement will require the approval of the mediator company. The extension must be requested before the expiration of the current agreement. The extension may be denied without any justification.
  5. Minimum age of the user. The recommended minimum age to use the bicycles is 14 years old. Kids under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult responsible of them with signed authorization from the parents or legal tutors, granting the civil and economic responsibility.
  6. Rental service and corresponding prices. The applicable prices are the ones the mediator company publishes at the moment of the rental.
  7. Insurance. We have at your disposal and previous booking an individual insurance that covers the risk of theft (*) an the mandatory civil liability. The customer agrees with the acceptation of this contract that he disposes of enough funds in order to cover any risks linked to the rental of the bike that are not covered by the insurance. The breaking of the driving rules in a public way with the bicycle is a direct responsibility of the driver itself. As Cycling Giant Rent as the mediation company rejects any direct or indirect responsibility in this case.
  8. Helmet and individual protection kit. Cycling Giant Rent offers helmets at a reduced prices for its vital importance. Cycling Giant Rent advises to wear them for your own safety. The no-usage of these safety measures will not cause any responsibility for Cycling Giant Rent nor the mediation company.
  9. Renter’s responsibility. The renter compromises to use the bike in an adequate and careful way. The renter is responsible for the damages caused by a misusage of the bicycle. It is not allowed to participate in championships nor competitions. In case of an accident, loss, robbery or inadequate usage, the renter is economically responsible for the amount of the fixing costs, in which the maximum is the value of recovering an exact model.
  10. Defects during the rental period. If any defects appear bike during the rental period, Cycling Giant Rent will try to change it for an exact or similar model, as possible as it may be. If it is not possible, the client will not be allowed to reclaim anything for the damages and/or prejudices that may have caused. If the breakdowns occur repeatedly, the suspension of the contract will be contemplated.
  11. Legislation. Cycling Giant Rent and the renter, agree to submit any divergence related to the interpretation or execution of the present contract to the competent courts of Girona’s jurisdiction.
Date and Signature of the renter:
Signature of the contracting responsible:

 (*) Clarification about the coverage of the risk of theft insurance.
This coverage will only be effective from 7:00 am until 21:00 pm. If the bike is in a storage room, garage or residence, linked or not to the house or facilities of the insured and independent from its ownership, as long as the residence is locked and protected with metal or cristal protections of 6 + 6 mm, the bike can not be mandatorily locked to a fix object of difficult mobility with a padlock fixed to the bike frame. This space must be always locked. In order to be covered by the insurance, the theft must happen, forcing violently the padlock or protections, or using fake keys or lock picks. In case the robbery happends in a different place from the residence or facility of the insured, the theft will be covered by the insurance, if the minimum protective demands required in an in-house robbery are accomplished.