The Cycling Giant Rent team is made of cyclists working for cyclists. The mix of the passion we feel for this sport and the ideal geographic zone where we are, made us start this project so we can share our territory with cyclist from all around the world. From high performance bikes, to city, mountain and electric bikes. We adapt to your needs.

We are in Banyoles, the capital of Pla de l’Estany, in a privileged place with easy access to la Garrotxa, l’Empordà and la Costa Brava. We also have to highlight the huge amount of secodary roads with low motorized vehicle traffic, in order to enjoy a quite and safely experience.
Our location allows us to find the ideal route for all seasons. In winter we can go find a nicer temperature to Costa Brava, and during the summer we can choose to ride through the shady volcanic zone of la Garrotxa.

This location is frequented by high performance cycling teams with the goal to train for their most important races, such as Tour de France and Italy Giro. Next to us, just only 20 kilometers away, there is the training center of the professional cycling team Cerbelo.
From Cycling Giant Rent we want to facilitate the chance to enjoy this wonderful environment without giving up to your high performance bike.


  • High performance bike rental
    Professional road, mountain and city bikes.
  • Electric bikes rental
    Bikes with a 250kw engine.
  • Accessories and insurance
    Helmet, GPS, Britain brake lever, insurance and more.
  • Weekend offers
    Pack of bike rental and a hotel night stay in Banyoles.